I want to help you find the right home, for the life you want to be living. Your perfect Home might be a space that is smack dab in the middle of town, with easy walkability to beaches, coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, galleries, and the like. Once you are there, park the car, and tuck those keys away until you absolutely have to use them again. Some of us dream of a space that is quite peaceful, tucked away in nature a bit (or a lot). A property that allows the dog to run free, or the kids to play "like back when we were kids." Maybe board games are resurrected, and tablets are lost to campfires and marshmallows, or books and music. In this place, alarm clocks aren't necessary, because the sounds of songbirds, roosters, frogs, or the pounding rain on a tin roof or a skylight can wake you in a much happier way. Others may aspire to a very coastal feeling space, with amazing views of the water. Maybe there's a marina for the boat, a beach for walking and collecting sea glass, or a sandy spot for launching kayaks. The Olympic Peninsula offers so many options for creating a life that's just a little less harried. Once you pop over to this side of the Hood Canal Bridge, and take that first breath of fresh air, your shoulders start to relax, and you feel all that tension beginning to melt away. Welcome to a world of very few traffic lights, many family farms, seemingly endless forests, loads of hiking trails, plentiful beaches, really great fishing, and a truly fantastic community. If you are interested in buying or selling a home on Washington's Beautiful Olympic Peninsula, I would love to help you in your search or sale, as an advocate, adviser, and facilitator. All my best, Caroline